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Abbeville Veterinary Clinic has Animal Pet Boarding to Keep Your Pet Safe

If you live in or near Abbeville, you can board your large or small animal with us at Whittington Veterinary Clinic, where your animal will enjoy comfortable surroundings and a safe environment. Our animal summer boarding clinic can accommodate large animals just as easily as smaller ones, so your horse, cow, pig, goat, cat, and dog are all welcome to board with us.

Whether it’s dog summer boarding, cat boarding, or large animal care, summer boarding an animal can be stressful, but with our friendly staff committed to you and your animals we aim to put your mind at ease. Our veterinarians, Dr. Whittington and Dr. Alleman have years of experience with veterinary care and animal boarding. When your large animal is boarded with us, we can treat any problems that may arise right here in our facility. Boarding your animal at our animal hospital is a wise choice and can help protect your animal from injury and sickness, while ensuring your animal receives professional and compassionate care.

Abbeville Veterinarians Even Help You Board a Large Animal

Instead of trying to find a place that only boards animals, consider our horse doctor or cow doctor, just in case your animal suffers any illness while being boarded. That is one of the big advantages to summer  boarding your animals with our clinic. You can also request other services along with your animal summer  boarding, like vaccinations or other treatment to be performed by our cow doctor or horse doctor.

By summer boarding your large animal with our veterinary clinic you avoid making two trips: one for animal summer boarding and another for treatment. Our animal hospital has the proper facilities to treat large animals. We can offer your animal horse and cow stalls, working pens, and hydraulic flip chutes. In addition to cows and horses, we can also take care of pigs, sheep, and goats, as well as smaller animals like family pets.

You can get all your summer boarding and veterinarian needs met right here in Abbeville at Whittington Veterinary Clinic. Because our animal hospital is set up to handle large animals and we focus on cows and horses, we can adequately board just about any farm animal. That is something that a veterinary clinic often cannot do because of a lack of space at their facility and a lack of staff training.

A veterinarian who has been properly trained to handle large animals is more difficult to locate and board animals with, but you can get what you need right in Abbeville at Whittington Veterinary Clinic. There’s no reason to go anywhere else when we have the proper facilities, an experienced staff, and state-of-the-art technology to keep your large animal safe, healthy, and happy right here.

While your large animal is being boarded we also offer grooming, as well as the full range of veterinary services. If your animal comes in with any problems you’re not aware of, we’ll let you know what we find and what treatment is needed. If you know your animal needs something extra while it’s being boarded at our facility, just let us know so we can offer your animal the best care possible in the comfort of our animal hospital. Call us at 337-893-8522 to find out more.

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